Updated PDF Printing
Update to PDF Printing
As you may know we introduced PDF printing to MINTclass several months ago and this was well received.  We have now made a few improvements to PDF printing based upon requests from schools.

You now have to option to ‘flip’ the print as you can with your display and print icons on just a certain side.

Printing Notes
You can now print your notes and any SEN needs associated with students in your class.

Click on the Print button located at the top left had side of the screen

SEN notes

Select the 'notes' that you wish to print and click on PDF Print.  

SEN notes     SEN notes

You will now have a printout of your seating plan as before but the following pages will have your notes and or any SEN notes that have been entered into MINTclass.

Flip Classroom printing
When you click on the print icon at the top of the screen you will now see a slightly different PDF print pop up.

 SEN notes

When you select the Flip classroom vertically option and click on PDF PRINT it will flip the class so it is from your students' point of view.

Show only icon side(s)
Previously you only had the option to print all icons, no icons or white icons.  When selecting all icons some printouts became cramped and hard to read so we have removed the white icon option and replaced it with the ability to choose the sides that you wish to print.

 SEN notes

When you select the Show only icon side(s) option you will see a text box into which you type the side(s) that you wish to print.

If you want to print just one side then type the side number into the box and click on PDF PRINT.

If you wish to print more than one side type the side numbers into the box separated by a comma ��" for example 1,3 will just print sides 1 and 3.

 SEN notesSEN notes