Homework Recording Assignments
Once the Assignment (Homework) has been set, the next step is to record information/results etc. against each student as required. We call these Actions and Exemptions. You can also amend the hand-in date for individual students.

Now let’s look at the student area in more detail. Click on the Assignment you are working on.


Bulk Actions
There are three Bulk Actions you can apply (you will, of course, need to select more than one student to apply these). This can be achieved by clicking on Select All (top left) if you want to apply an action to all students. Alternatively, you can select individual students by clicking in on the tick box to the left of each student.


We have selected three students. Click on the Bulk Actions button and you will now see the following options:


We will look at each option in turn:

Mark as Submitted
Let’s say that the student physically handed the homework to you, this is where you can mark that they have handed it in. Clicking on this will mark all selected students as Submitted.

Mark as Not Submitted
Like the 'Mark as Submitted' button but can un-mark if there was an issue/mistake.

This will un-mark all selected students’ submissions and return to the default, 'Not Submitted'.

Set Mark 
Allows you to give all selected students the same mark. When you select this action, the marks you can assign will be limited to those in the Mark Scheme used in the Assignment. Clicking on this will open the Set Mark area. Depending on your chosen mark scheme (in this case, percentage), enter the mark you wish to apply to all the selected students and click on Save.

Single Actions
When you click on the Actions button for any student you will have four options. These are:


Set as Submitted / Set as Not Submitted
This is where you record that each individual student has handed in homework if you are not using Bulk Actions. Once you have recorded a ‘hand in’ by a student, the ‘Action’ changes to Set as Not Submitted, so if you accidentally record a submission you can undo it.

Assigning Marks
To assign a mark to an individual student, click on the Actions button for the student and then click on Set Mark. You will see one of the three types of marks (these depend on the chosen mark scheme).

Enter the percentage that the student achieved.

Enter the total number of marks the student achieved.

If you chose the Text mark scheme you will need to select from the combo box.

Click on Save.

Your marks will look like the ones below:


Exemptions from Homework
From time to time, you may need to exclude a student from an assignment for a variety of reasons. For example, they may have been excused due to ill health or you may have set them a different homework.

Mark as Exempt
Click on the Actions button for the student you wish to mark exempt.


Now click on Set Exemption.


You must enter a reason for the exemption and place a tick in the 'Mark this student as exempt' box.  You can untick it later if you change your mind and leave the text as a reminder if necessary or delete it!

Now click on Save.


The student is now clearly marked as exempt.

Set Custom Due Date
Occasionally, you may need to give a student more time to complete homework. There is a way to do this which will stop a student from appearing to have handed in homework late. You can adjust each student by clicking on Set Custom Due Date


You can now change the date and or time as needed and then click Save.