Template Hints & Tips
For the best results in Seating Plan view and Printing....

Begin adding seats in the square highlighted in red at the bottom left hand corner of the screen (below)/ This is the front left hand side of the classroom.

Leave as few spaces between the seats as possible.

Think about the order in which you are adding the seats in your seating plan as this becomes important later on if you choose to use the quick sort option to seat your students alphabetically. In this case, the first student in the alphabet will be seated in the seated numbered one and so on.


The vertical space between the rows indicated below has been made using empty 'seats'. These square will 'collapse' to give a narrower divide in the main view that you see in the picture below.

However, if horizontal spaces were also added between the rows using 'empty' sears, this would reduce the quality of the seating plan view and printing, so please be advised against this.


The seat numbers in the templates correspond to the numbers indicated in the student cards above. This may assist you when editing templates and identifying seats to move within the seating plan.

Tip: if you are arranging students by alphabetical order, the student with the first earliest letter in their surname will appear in seat one and so on.