Student Alert
The pupil alert allows admin and SLT/HOY users to display a warning in the seat planner system that notifies staff when two students are sitting together and it is advised they are kept apart. 

Creating Student Alerts
Ensure you are logged into MINTclass as Admin or SLT/HoY.

Click on SeatPlanner and then on the Admin tab. 


To add a new alert type in the two IDs of the students you want to have an alert between. IDs can be found by viewing the student profile - by clicking a student name or photo. (A student ID will be their student admission number).


As a valid ID is entered the name of the student will appear below.  Once the two IDs are entered and the two names appear to the left of the 'create alert' button, hit the 'create alert' button to save.

Once an alert is in place, the student cards will be highlighted in red on the seating plan. Whether the students are then left to sit together is left to the teacher's discretion. 


Existing alerts can be viewed underneath the 'create new alert' section and they can be removed by double clicking on the 'X' located to the right of the two names.