Staff Dashboard
In MINTclass, we have added Staff Dashboard to allow you to take control of you Secret Questions, receiving latest announcements, keeping track of any lesson shares and earning some badges!

Accessing Your Staff Dashboard
To access your personal Staff Dashboard, you need to get to your Staff Card.

Click on your name in the top left hand corner of the screen.


This will open your Staff Card where you will see 'Dashboard'.


Breaking Down the Dashboard

Today's Lessons
At the top of the Dashboard. you will see your lessons for the day.


You can jump straight to any lesson by clicking on the lesson name.

To the left hand side of the Dashboard, you will find a section titled 'Badges'. All of the different Badges signify that you have achieved something within MINTclass.


announcements Training Lessons Complete - You have completed all of the training courses within MINTclass available. (These can be found by clicking on 'MINTclass Training' on your staff card).

announcements All Seating Plans Completed - You have successfully completed all Seating Plans for all of your timetabled lessons.

announcementsCreated a Group - You have managed to create a group in MINTclass.

announcements 10+ Logins - You have logged in to MINTclass 10 or more times.

announcements Visited Support Site - You have navigated to the support site from within MINTclass. (Clicked on the Help button in the top right of the screen to looked at support documents).

announcements Power User: All Other Badges - You have gained all other badges, you are now a MINTclass Power User.

Lesson Sharing
Now on MINTclass, if you add a lesson to your timetable or you are covering that lesson, you can request to have rights to edit that lesson (seating plans etc). The main teacher of that lesson can then approve or refuse rights for you to edit that lesson.

Requesting to Edit a Lesson
To request to edit a lesson, you need to add this lesson to your timetable. Once you have done that and have the lesson in view, to the left hand side in the sidebar, click on 'Request Editing Rights To This Lesson'.


Once you have clicked on this, you will be asked to confirm by clicking 'Yes, Please'.


When you have confirmed, the main teacher of that lesson will be asked to Approve or Refuse the request.

Approving and Refusing Lesson Shares
To approve or Refuse a request, you will need to go to your Staff Card and look under 'Lesson Sharing'.


You will see which teacher has requested to edit and which lesson they have requested them for.

Click Approve or Refuse.
If you Approve the request, the other teacher will now be able to edit that class. If you Refuse, the request will be denied and they will not be able to edit that class.

If you Approve, you can Revoke those rights at any time by clicking 'Revoke'.

You are able to see any recent announcements from MINTclass.

These include tips to new features and suggestions to help you on MINTclass.


Allows you to change your password, change your method of 2 Factor Authentication and see your Securiy Score.

Change Password
Click on the Security tab and then on Change Password.


This will now open a pop up where you make the relevant changes, Click 'Change Password'.


Hiding your Dashboard
If you no longer wish for your Dashboard to be visible when you first login and only to see it when you choose to look at it, all you need to do is untick a box.

Open up your Dashboard and untick the 'Always show dashboard on login' box.