Set Changes and New Students
New term, new set change
At the beginning of a new term or timetable rotation you may find your seat planner filled with a class full of old students with an exclamation mark by their picture. You will also see on your MINTclass sidebar the 'Manually Add Students' button has a class full of students waiting to be seated in brackets e.g. (29). This means MINTclass knows that you must remove the old students so that you can arrange your new students.

You can also have a look at our Set Changes/Carousel guide.

Why is there an exclamation mark on the Student Card?
If a student is no longer in your class, as they have changed set or left the school, this will show as an exclamation mark - MINTclass recognises when a student is not meant to be in a class.

  Ex out
If a student has been added to the seating plan and they are not part of the class list in the data, then an exclamation mark will show in the top right hand side of their picture to make the teacher aware. You can remove the student by the button (X) below their picture.

Please Note: This will only delete the student from your lesson plan.

Missing Student Indicator
Sometimes when students change sets they need to be added onto your plan.  If you know there should be another student in your class but you can't see them on your plan then check the missing student indicator.

New students that are not yet placed in the class are shown on the 'Manually Add Students' button.

It will show the number of students to place in brackets such as (1), (2) etc.


Placing new students

2Click on the 'Manually Add Students' button and the missing or new students will be highlighted in the class list (the ones already added will appear faded).

Just click on each student's photo and drag them onto the desk you wish to place them.

Alternatively you may need to add a lot of students or populate a whole class. Under the 'Overview' section in the side bar select 'Automatically Sort Students'.


You will be given a choice of ways to add all the students to the class, when you click on a sort method (i.e. boy/girl) it will be highlighted, once you press 'Sort By Selected' the action will take affect and the class will be filled with all the students meant to be in that class. You can then move them individually by clicking and dragging. For more details see adding students to the class.