SENco User Level
SENco user level
Well you asked for it so we have created it.  No more nightmares about having to give your SENco admin access to MINTclass.

When you edit a user account you now have the ability to assign either a teacher or a SLT/HoY user access to the Strategies area in Cortex without giving them access to other areas of Cortex.

Search for the user that you wish to change and then click on the Edit User icon, looks like a pencil.

 SENco 3

Select the user level that they need, either Teacher or SLT/HoY and then place a tick in the SENco box and click on Save.

 SENco 3

When they log into MINTclass they will now see Cortex at the top of the screen as well as SeatPlanner.

When they click on Cortex they will see a screen like the one below.

 SENco 3

You will note that they cannot see or access any other area in Cortex.