Printing for Inspections
Inspection Looming?
MINTclass now gives you the ability to print all of your seating plans by subject, all at once. Even if a seating plan has not been made, it will select a default template for you and print that. It downloads them in a .zip file and they are all in PDF format.

Please note that the maximum number of seating plans that can be printed at any one time is 50.

Only users with Admin access can use this functionality.

To begin with, click on Cortex.

print all 5

Once you're in Cortex, select the Lessons tab.

print all 5

From within Lessons, select a Year from the options in the Search bar and then also select a subject from the drop down list. Please note that you must select both a year and a subject.

For example, I have chosen Year 8 and Art as the Subject.

print all 5

Click Search.

This will then give you a list of all the seating plans made for your selections.

To download them all, click on the 'Download All Lessons as PDFs' button' at the bottom of the screen.

print all 5

This will then download all of the plans as a .zip file into your downloads folder.

print all 5

Open the file and all of your chosen seating plans will be within it, in a PDF format, which you can then print.