The PDF print icon can be found directly underneath 'Seatplanner' at the top of the screen.
                                                       icon key

This will open the PDF Print Options popup.  You will see a different pop up if you have safe mode on.

icon key

When printing 

icon keyicon keyicon key

You can also choose to display a student seating position without any icons/data displayed and still keep colour tagging.

icon key

Note: The print options you choose will be saved.

Show Lesson Information
This will give you details of the day, period, subject, teacher name and date that the PDF was generated if looking at lesson print out. If looking at a group it will tell you the name, details, and date.

icon key
Show Icon Key
This allows you to add your school's icon key at the top of your printout as shown below.

icon key

Collapse Blanks
Collapse blanks will minimise the spaces between columns and rows on your seating plan so that you can fit your seating plans as best as possible. The below examples are on the 'Use White icons for data'.

icon key  

Collapse blanks off - show all icons

  icon key

Collapse blanks on - icons.

In Safe Mode
If MINTclass is in "Safe mode" when the print button is selected, then the print preview will also be in safe mode (shown above).

icon key

Out of Safe Mode
If "Safe-mode" has been removed, the print preview will appear with the data included as above.

Why is there data missing from my Print out?
Those icons that contain particularly sensitive information, e.g. SEN, Medical, print out as the icon only and not the information that it contains for data security reasons.