Multiple Week Timetables
MINTclass currently names the first week in a two week timetable as 'week A' and the second week as 'week B'. Week A is equivalent to week 1 and week B is equivalent to week 2.

Note: If your timetable is displaying the wrong week after a half term break or new academic year, please contact MINTclass support and we will update this for you.

Understanding the two week timetable
If you are a school with a two week timetable, there will be two of each day in the view under 'My Lessons' on the sidebar as shown below. For example 'ThuA' and 'ThuB'.

week b

The current day in view is 'ThuB', as you can see by the grey highlighting.

To change the week in view, select the appropriate day name. For example to change from 'ThuB' to 'ThuA' click on 'ThuA'.

week b

Please Note: The current class in view has remained the same as another one has not been selected, though you will have access to look at any class you want to view by clicking on it.

Two week timetable tabs for staff

week b 

When you search for a member of staff in a two week timetable school you can click on a selected member of staff and click between Week A & B timetables. The selected week will be underlined.

  week b          week b

Please Note: You can also find 'Week A' & 'Week B' timetables under the 'TIMETABLE' tab on student cards. The selected week will be underlined.

week b