Bespoke Training
Here at MINTclass, we understand that every school is different so all of our training sessions can be tailored to suit your school's needs. To organise a bespoke training session, please contact
Lauren delivered the training lesson on time, clearly and concisely.
My colleagues and I left the session fully informed.

- Admin Training for James Hornsby School

All training provided by Allie so far has been fantastic. The school are really excited about
using MINTClass and I have already had fantastic feedback from teaching staff.

- Staff Training for Sydenham School
Lauren was an excellent trainer who geared the training to my ability levels so I didn't feel that I
was spending too much time on things that I was confident with.

- Admin Training for Hall Mead School

Allie was very friendly and helpful. It also helped that she'd worked in a school environment so
understood the problems that were likely to occur.

- Admin, Aspect and Staff Training for The King John School
Lauren was amazing offering ideas and supporting questions throughout the entire process.
She was personable and made the process easy to understand. Huge thumbs up.

- Aspect and Admin Training for Warwick Academy
Allie was fantastic. Really clear and well paced. Extremely helpful, thank you.

- Staff Training for Ricards Lodge
The flow through what was covered was good, with questions answered as they arose. A very efficient use of time.

- Admin, Aspect, Behaviour & Attendance Training for Matthew Arnold School