Lesson Two - Creating and Changing Templates
If you change the layout of you room, or move to a different room, you may need to create a new template. Click on the 'Templates' tab on the top left hand side of the screen.


Click on 'Create New', select the room type and give the template a new name.  It is strongly advised that the template name is the room name, ie 12b then click on 'Save'.


To create your layout click on each rectangle that applies to each desk in your room, or you can hold down shift and drag your mouse over each seat. If you make a mistake either drag and drop the desk to its correct place (make sure your mouse is on the seat number) or click on the 'X', you can also delete seats by holding down the CTRL button on your keyboard and dragging your mouse over each seat. Continue until all the desks are in the correct place then click on the back button to save and return to your seating plan.


You can now use your new template by clicking on the 'Change Template' button on the side menu and searching for it. Once you have found the template you wish to use click on it and then click on OK.


Note: The students will be moved to the new template on the desk numbers that they were originally assigned to.

Amending a Template
If you have created a template you can amend the layout at any time by clicking on the 'Templates' tab on the side menu and then searching for the layout you wish to change. Click on the template to select it, make the changes as necessary and then click on the 'Back' button to save the changes.

The changes will be applied to the template and be reflected in all lessons that the template is used.

Note: You cannot change templates created by other teachers or those marked as ‘Master’, even if you have created them.

Changing Templates
You can set up a new classroom layout and even have up to three layouts per class. This could be useful if you want to try out a project layout or a layout for an exam. To change a layout click on 'Change Template' from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.


You will now see a popup of all the templates that have been created in your school version of MINTclass.  These may have been created by the person responsible for MINTclass in your school or by yourself. If a template has a subheading of 'MASTER' then it is available to all staff, however, those with a subheading of 'SELF MADE' are yours only. Master template designs can only be changed by admins.

If you know the name of the template, you can type the name in the search field.