Creating Icons
After your initial set up has been completed by our set up team you will be able  to amend icons and create additional ones yourself.

Obviously this is limited to data that your school has requested be included in MINTclass.

You must have an Admin account to MINTclass, Log in and click on Cortex > Configuration and then click on ‘Icon Setup’ on the left hand side.  If you see the screen below you will need to have this activated by support.


However, if you do not see that message, you should see the screen below. 


On the right you will see your schools current Icon setup on a year by year basis.  If you use the same icons for all years then you will only see the default icon section populated

There are four different types of icons you can add which use two different types of data. These are Student Data, (CC) Data vs Data, (CC) Data vs XX and (CC) Data is XX

Note: (CC) means Colour Coded

You can chose colours, labels and when they are displayed.

Adding a New Icon
To add a new icon to the default set of icons, you need to click on the Add Icon button which is located under the default icons


The first thing you need to do is chose the type of icon, we will look at these one at a time.

Student Data
This will display data that is relevant to a student.  For example if a student is SEN, EAL, Behaviour or if you wish to show specific assessment data such as reading age.

Select Student Data then click on the icon image / colour icon to select a colour for your icon 


Now you need to select the appearance rules.  If the icon contains something that could apply to all students for example Reading Age then you would select ‘Always On’, however if it is something that only applies to some students such as SEN status then you would use ‘If Data In’.

When you chose the ‘If Data in’ option you will see a new button called Choose ��" Selecting this button will allow you to choose which data you wish to display in the icon.


Select the data that you wish to display by clicking on the appropriate Use Data button.  You now need to select what data is displayed.

Select the relevant choice from the Icon Contents combo box.  If you select ‘Text’ you then have to option to type the text that you wish to display.  Choose ‘Data In’ to display the data held and you will have another Choose box as previously described.

You can then choose black or white text and if it is centred or low and you can also chose to add text that appears when you hover over an icon in the SeatPlanner.

Finally when you are happy with your choices click on the Save Icon Settings button at the bottom of the screen.

(CC) Data vs Data
When you select this option from the Icon Type option you will be able to compare two different pieces of data and colour code them.  For example is the student’s current grade below their target grade.


When you select (CC) Data Vs Data you will have to choose the two pieces of data that you wish to compare ��" remember this is limited to the data that your school has chosen to display in MINTclass.

You can then choose the colour coding that you wish to apply by clicking on each of the comparison icons.


Greater than ��" Equal to ��" Less Than

The remaining options are the same as creating a Student Data icon.

(CC) Data vs XX
When you select this option from the Icon Type option you will be able to choose a data item and have an icon displayed if the data is greater than something that you set.  For example you may wish to display an icon that shows you if a student has more than a certain number of behaviour points.

You could expand on this by using multiple comparisons to show students with less than 60% attendance.


In the screen shot above, by creating two comparisons If greater than 0 it's red, if above 60 it's green. Therefore all students with attendance between 0 and 60 will have a red icon.

The remaining options are the same as creating a Student Data icon.

(CC) Data is XX
When you select this option from the Icon Type option you will be able to show if data equals a specific piece of data.  For example if the students current grade equals X, make the icon Green, if it is Y make it Amber etc.

Creating Different Icons for Different Year Groups
If different year groups need different icons you can easily create these. You may need a combination of the default icons and new icons. This can be easily accomplished by copying some of the default icons to each year group and then adding new icons as necessary.

Copying Default Icons
To copy a default icon simply right click on the icon and you will see a pop up like the one shown below.


Click on Copy Icon and then click on the year group that you wish to copy that icon to and right click on the card.


Now click on Paste.

If you need all the default icons copied to a year group, you can click on the year group and then choose Copy default icons.


This will copy all the default icons to that year group you can then remove the icons you don’t want and add the new icons.

Removing Icons
Removing icons is as simple as copying them. Click on the icon that you want to remove.


The icon and its set up will be displayed on the left hand side of the screen. Click on Delete Icon.

Creating Different Icons for Different Key Stages
This needs to be set up by our support team or you could create a year specific set of icons for say Year 7 and copy that to Years 8 and 9 and repeat for the other year groups to create Key Stage icons.

If you make a mistake you can click on the Reset to use default icons ��" see below


Editing Icons
If you simply wish to edit an icon, all you need to do is click on it. This will then open the Icon Settings box to the left where you can edit the icon as needed.

Once you have edited the icon, click ‘Save Icon Settings’ and this will have saved your changes. 

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