Colour Tagging
Inside Classroom Tools you will find the 'Colour Tagging' tool.

This feature gives teachers the control to select individual students and put them into colour coded groups. This new tool is very flexible and allows you to designate and group students by whatever criteria suits you.

Colour Tagging
You can name the colour groups whatever you want: ie groups for an experiment, contribution, homework, behaviour... the choice is yours.

When you click on the yellow 'Colour Tagging' button a pop-up menu (titled: Colour tagging Key) will appear. You can move this around the screen by clicking and dragging at any time.

Colour Tagging

Colour Tagging
The Key you use against each colour is entirely up to you. Just click on the text to change the Key to suit your needs. The Key on the menu will be saved the same no matter which lesson plan you are on.

When you hover over one of the coloured circles on the pop-up menu you simply click to select that colour and it will be highlighted by a black ring.

A coloured dot will appear above your cursor as you move it over the students in your seating plan.

Colour Tagging
Clicking on a student card will select that student and change their card to the selected colour.

To change the student to a different colour return to the pop-up menu, click to select the new colour choice, you will notice the dot above your cursor will change to the newly selected colour as you move it over your seating plan.

You can de-select a student, returning their card to normal, by choosing 'Remove colour' then clicking on the student again.

Colour TaggingIn the 'options' drop down menu you have the choice to: Colour students for a specific plan; lesson; class or everywhere on your timetable.

Note: It is recommended you keep the 'options' drop down menu visible and familiarise yourself with the results of selecting students in the different modes. For example, you can have a student highlighted 'Red' in one seating plan (version) and 'Blue' in another.

Hide Colour Tagging
Colour Tagging
You can toggle the colour tags visibility on/off by clicking on the tick box. The selected student colour selections and labels will be saved and you can return to them later. To close the Colour Tagging pop-up menu click on the 'x' in the top right-hand corner.

Remove All
When you click 'remove all' you should pay attention to which of the drop down options has been selected. You may want to remove all colours for a selected plan but not all your colour selections everywhere!

Colour TaggingYou will be presented with a warning box that asks to confirm if you are sure you want to clear all the colours. This box will let you know if you are clearing colours in a plan; lesson; class or everywhere.

Who can see your Colour Tags?
When logged in you will only see your own colour tagging selections unless you are in the 'Cover Teacher' mode. Teachers covering your lesson will be able to see the colour tagging choices you have made, though they will not be able to change or amend tagging selections and labels unless they have Head of Year or Admin access, in which case they can change your colour tagging settings.

Note: None of this information is uploaded to your schools MIS and it does not affect the student card.