Clean Up

Another update to MINTclass now includes some cleanup tools.  These will enable admin users to remove students that have left from all templates which was previously down to each individual teacher to do.  Later it will include the ability to remove staff that have left and lessons that are no longer taught.


All the Cleanup tools will be located in one common place which will hyperlink to the individual areas.  (Please note at the moment only students are available)


Student Cleanup

You must be logged in as an admin level user on MINTclass and be in Cortex.  Select the Misc tab

Clean up 2

You can now see the new Cleanup button


Click on Cleanup (please note at the moment only students are available)

Clean up 2

All students that have left school that are still displayed in MINTclass will appear in this window.


Simply select the ones that you wish to remove from MINTclass and click on Remove Selected.  This will remove them from all seating plans that they are currently assigned to.