Changing Subject Grades
Change Subject Grades - GroupsYou now have the option of viewing any subject specific grades on student cards no matter which class you are viewing. This allows you to quickly compare a whole classes' grades in different subjects. It also provides a solution for English and Science teachers whose timetabled subject does not denote a specific subject. E.g. Biology teachers can now choose to always have the biology grades show up on icons in their lessons or classes even though the timetabled lesson is science.

Change Subject Grades - Groups

Changing Subject Grades in View

Click on the subject name of the lesson in view on your sidebar. A pop-up box will appear that allows you to choose any subject from a drop down list. You have the option to view other subject grades once or set this to recur in the lesson or class you are viewing. Once you press 'Select Subject' the icons showing subject specific grades will change to the selected subject. A blue line on your sidebar will tell you which grades you are viewing.

Please Note: Choosing to ‘Always show grades for this subject for this lesson/class’ will affect all linked lessons.

Change Subject Grades - Groups

Change Subject Grades - Groups

Reset to Default

To return to the default grades on the icons you can click the name of the lesson in view or the name of the subject for which you are viewing grades. This will appear on a blue line under the details of the class in view on your sidebar.

On the pop-up box a new button will appear that allows you to 'Reset Back To Default'. Alternatively, you
can select the original subject from the drop down list of subjects. 

Note: When changing the grades in view, non subject specific icons such as SEN & Reading Age will not change and all icons will remain in their same original order.

Viewing Grades in Groups
In the example below you can see that the feature for changing grades will have its uses in groups. 

Change Subject Grades - Groups

Please Note: If you have an extra curricular class such as chess club, you could collect the scores and create an aspect that will allow you to show these scores in your group.