Adding Students to a Seating Plan
Automatically Sort Students

You can put you students into your seating plans automatically with just a few clicks. The students can be added into the seating but either using one of the pre-defined sorts or creating your own custom sort.

Click on Automatically Sort Students then you will see four pre-defined options below. To sort the students using one of these methods, select one' for example, alphabetical by clicking on it. Then click the green Sort By Selected button.


Please note that once the seating plan has been changed, you will be unable to retrieve your previous seating plan.

Please Note: When using alphabetical order, the first student in the alphabet will be seated in seat number 1 and so on.
Manually Adding Students

To add students manually, click the Manually Add Students button on the side bar.


You will be able to drag and drop your students by their photos into your seating plan.