Development Timeline
An easier way to create a template!
Now all you have to do to create a template is hold down the shift key on your keyboard, hold down your left mouse button at the same time and simply drag your mouse over the chosen seats!

newmaking master
Staff Timetable Changes
We've made some small changes to the staff timetable view on your staff card. You can now see more in depth class information (number of pupils, SEN, PP etc) without even accessing the seating plan! 

Staff Updates (student timetable)
This half term the developers have been busy!  You can now see which teacher teaches a student by opening the student profile.

class pop up

If you hover over a lesson on the Timetable tab you can also see the seating position - click HERE.

When you are covering or viewing another teacher's lesson you will see their name in the Class in View area.

class pop up

And, if that wasn't enough we have added a Class Information popup.

class pop up

More information on this can be found Here.

MINTclass New & Improved Behaviour Module

The MINTclass behaviour module is fully integrated and gives you a fast way to apply points. Easy comparison between classes, subjects and year groups, with write-back to SIMS!

We can now record outcomes, locations and status. We have also improved our reporting functionality!


Click here for more information! 
Taking Attendance - Registration and Lesson by Lesson
MINTclass now has the ability to record both attendance in Registration and in Lessons, with full writeback facility to SIMS. This saves staff logging into both MINTclass and SIMS every lesson. ultimately, saving them more time!


To find out more about taking attendance in MINTclass, click here!
Logging in with 2 Factor Authentication
You will now need your school email address to login but don’t worry the first time you log in you can use your current username. 


Click here to find out more!
Staff Email
Email your colleagues in MINTclass, using our new Staff Email feature! You can email individuals or groups of staff!

Click here to read more!

Ever worried about losing your Seating Plans? Wish you could roll back to an earlier plan? Or would you just like to keep track of your changes? Well, with our new Snapshot feature, you can do all of those things!

Click here to read more!

ss 3
Icon Keys
A new feature in MINTclass now allows you to see an Icon Key! You can see all of the chosen icons across all sides of your Student Cards with just one click!

Icon key

To find out more, click here!
Printing for Inspections
MINTclass now gives you the ability to print all of your seating plans by subject, all at once!


Click here to find out more!
Updates to your Automatically Sort Students options
The options available to you when you wish to Automatically Sort your students has now changed! We have incorporated many suggestions presented to us which allows you a wider variety of choice.

Click here to find out more!

Sharing Groups
Sharing Groups will be a phased release.  Phase One is available now and allows you to share a group with all staff.  In Phase Two, you can also expect to see the ability to share your Group with individual staff members such as those in the same department.

To find our more, please click here!

Changes to Pick Random Student
We have changed how the Pick Random Student function works as number of schools have mentioned that ,from time to time, it picked students that had already been selected.

This update means that now, you have an option to make sure the students are not repeated!

Click here to find out more!

My Notes
You can now record notes for your subjects, classes, groups and more. You can even print them at the click of a button!

To find out more, click here!

Creating your own Icons
Once your school has been set up, from time to time, you may wish to change the icon set up. You can now do this yourself.  

You will need to email support and request that this option be 'switched on' for your school and it is strongly advised that you arrange training for this before you start.

For more information click here.
Staff Dashboard
In MINTclass, we have added Staff Dashboard to allow you to take control of you Secret Questions, receiving latest announcements, keeping track of any lesson shares and earning some badges!


For more information, click here.
Student Alerts
The pupil alert allows admin and HoY/SLT users to display a warning in the seat planner system that notifies staff when two students are sitting together and it is advised they are kept apart. 


For more information click here.

Cleanup Tools
Another update to MINTclass now includes some cleanup tools.  These will enable admin users to remove students that have left from all templates which was previously down to each individual teacher to do.  Later it will include the ability to remove staff that have left and lessons that are no longer taught.


For more information click here.

Copy and Paste Seating Plans
You can already link lessons that have the same students in the same class with the same lesson code, but you can now copy and paste the same students in a different lesson into a different room.

copy n paste 4

For more information click here.
Grade Sequencing
We have another upgrade for you! Grade Sequencing will allow your school to give a numerical value to grades and sub grades which will then allow MINTclass to differentiate between sub levels for colour coding.

Grade 2

For more information, click here!
SENCo User Level
Well you asked for it, so we have created it! No more nightmares about having to give your SENco admin access to MINTclass!

When you edit a user account, you now have the ability to assign either a teacher or a SLT/HOY user access to the Strategies area in Cortex without giving them access to other areas of Cortex.

Search for the user that you wish to change and then click on the Edit User icon which looks like a pencil!

SENco 3

For more information on the SENco User Level, click here!
Printing Notes
Another feature that a lot of you have asked for is the ability to print notes and SEN information.  You can now select these features when you click on the print button.

PDF notes

For more information, click here!

CPD Training Modules

MINTclass now offers ‘Fully integrated CPD training modules for teachers and staff’ which can be tracked by admin users.


Once you log into MINTclass and you click on your name in the top left hand corner you can now access your Timetable and by clicking on the MINTclass Training tab you can access the CPD area.


At the end of each lesson you will find a question to prove understanding.  When a teacher gets this answer correct they will get a star for that lesson and when they complete all the lessons they will get an overall star. Click here for more details.

Form Groups - Released May 2015
You now have the ability to link your form / tutor group to your account. All you need to do is create a group and make sure that in the group description field you type the word ‘Form’ followed by the form code or name that you use in school.


Once you have added the students to the new group when you search for a member of staff and open their timetable you will see that the form group has linked. Click here for more information.
Change the subject display grades - Released April 2015

You now have the option of viewing any Subject Specific Grades on student cards no matter which class you are viewing. This allows you to quickly compare a whole class' grades in different subjects. It also provides a solution for English and Science teachers whose timetabled subject does not denote a specific subject. E.g.  Biology teachers can now choose to always have the student Biology grades show up on icons in their lessons or classes even though the timetabled lesson is Science. Click here for more details.

Change subject used to display grades
Updated PDF Printing - Released March 2015
As you may know we introduced PDF printing to MINTclass several months ago and this was well received.  We have now made a few improvements to PDF printing based upon requests from schools.

You now have to option to ‘flip’ the print as you can with your display and print icons on just a certain side.


For more information, click here!

Adding Groups to your Timetable - Released March 2015
As you are aware you have been able to add existing lessons to your TimeTable for some time and you have also been able to create ad hoc groups.  We have now added the functionality which will enable you to add those ad hoc groups to your Timetable.


For example, if you have created a group for a lunchtime activity you can now add this group to your Time Table allowing you to create a seating plan and access student information as if it were a class.

Note: school timetable restrictions may now allow you to add lunchtime activities or before and after school activities.

For more information, click here!
Create your own Timetable - Released March 2015
Within MINTclass you can now create timetables from existing lessons.  This can be an invaluable tool for TAs, Cover Supervisors or shared lessons.  This allows these non-timetabled staff to view seating plans and student data. Click here for more details.

PDF Printing - Released March 2015

Printing Options V2

You now have multiple ways to print your seating plan, you can choose to print with icons showing the colours as they appear on your seating plan or to print basic seating positions with no photos or data. You also have options on how you set your page layout, colour tagging and lesson information displayed on printouts. Click here for more details.

Printing Options V2Printing Options V2Printing Options V2
Creating Groups - Released March 2015
Within MINTclass teachers can now create groups of students enabling you to create seating plans,
view data, print etc for students throughout the school based on any criteria you want.

On the side bar you now have a new Groups area that will give you the option to make and view your own groups of students.  These can then be placed in a seating plan or added to your lessons. Click here for more details.

Groups Students Goign to France
New Scrolling Feature - Released 2015
Teachers will now have the ability to scroll their seating plans using the grey space between and around the student cards. This should prove to be a more intuitive way of manoeuvring the seating plan for a lot of people - the scrolling rectangle is still usable and will snap the seating plan back into view if you find you have moved it too far to the side.

Colour Tagging - Released 2015
Colour Tagging

Colour Tagging allows teachers to group students by personally chosen colour coded keys in a specific seating plan, lesson, class or everywhere on the timetable. Click here for more details.