Homework Introduction


As most of you are aware, we have had a Homework Manager in MINTclass for several years, but this only allowed you to record that you had set homework and who had and had not handed it in.  Although this was a useful tool, we felt it needed some improvement.


We have now completed phase one of our new Homework Module and our Parent and Student App



Click on the new Homework tab at the top of the screen.




When you, as a teacher, logs into Homework, this is the first page you see:



It remembers the previously selected view so you do not need to reset it each time you log in; each screen has a unique way of showing the same information. 



The default view is Month and as you can see, it clearly shows each day with coloured circles indicating homework based upon the Key at the top of the screen.




In this view, you get to see a week at a time. The indicators are still there but they are now shown in time slots based upon the times set in the assignments screen (we will look at this later).


This screen just shows you one day at a time but the indicators now contain the assignment name and are still colour coded, making it easier to find what you are looking for.



Return to the Month view and click on a day, in this case, 23rd July 2021.



It shows you everything you have scheduled that day. You can then click on the 2nd item, Due Date:



It takes you to the assignment and you could, for example, mark the work as submitted as they are handed in. We will explore this screen in more detail later.


If you return to Calendar and then hover on one of the circles, it gives you a brief overview of what it is referencing.