Homework Mark Schemes

In this section, we will look at Mark Schemes. These can be set by yourself or centrally.

Mark Schemes

In this section, you can create, edit and delete your own mark schemes. You will also see any centrally created Mark Schemes. 

Click on Mark Schemes.



Here you will see a list of all available Mark Schemes. The centralised schemes cannot be edited by teachers, they can only be amended by admin users.


Creating a Mark Scheme

Click on Mark Schemes on the sidebar then click on the Add Mark Scheme button in the top right-hand corner.



You will now be presented with the Add Mark Scheme page.



Give the new Mark Scheme a suitable name and then select the type from the drop-down box.



There are 3 types of marks:


            Percent            This allows you to enter a numeric character from 0 to 100

Marks               This is where you set the maximum marks for the homework, e.g. 10

Text                   This is where you can add a list of words (limit 50 chars) to choose from when           marking the homework, e.g. pass, fail, etc.


Depending on which type you choose will depend on the next screen. Let’s look at each in turn.


When you select percent, you do not need to complete anything else; MINTclass knows what 'percent' means!




When you choose marks, you will have an additional box to complete, "Max marks" - in this case, 10.



Here, you can choose words (very short phrases, 50 characters max). When you select it, you will see a blank box in which you need to type your word. If you need more than one word, just click on the Add button, type the next word and repeat. 




Once you have all the words you need, click on Create.