Detentions Using - Teacher
Creating a Detention
Click on Detentions at the top of the screen and then click on the Create Detention button and you will see the screenshot below.

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You will need to select a predefined type
Next select Single
Choose a date for your detention from the date picker
Select a start and end time
Select the room that you wish this detention to happen in
Finally, click save detention

You can create as many of these as you need.

Creating recurring detentions
If you have a detention that recurs every week, month etc you can set these up by using the Repeating function.

Select the detention type
Select Repeating

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You will now need to choose how often the event needs to repeat.  Is it weekly, every couple of weeks or even monthly.  Depending on what you choose here will depend on the ‘Repeat on’ field.

Select an appropriate repeat pattern
Select a date from the Repeat from and Repeat until boxes
Select a start and end time
Select a Room
Finally, click on Save Detention and MINTclass will create all those future detentions for you.

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Giving Detentions
Click give detention and you have a few filters but most commonly you will search for a student.

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To select the student, click on their name they will appear on the right-hand side of the screen and then click the next step button.

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From here the give detention screen will give you a list of the student or students selected. Next you need to choose a type and reason and if necessary record the room or area in school the problem occurred. You can then add a subject and any notes that will be beneficial, the reason for giving the detention for example.

Clicking on save detention will create that detention for the student or students selected if it falls within the settings parameters of the system.

Viewing detentions and creating plans 
Click on detentions on the left and you will see a list of all the detentions within school.  These are in date order.

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There are a number of filters that you can apply at the top of the screen.  You can select the teacher, room, student, dates etc so use your filter as necessary.  When you find the detention that you wish to look at or create your seating plan for simply click on that detention.

The detention details will now be displayed on the right-hand side of the screen. In here you will see things such as the date of the detention, the teacher running the detention, the room that the detention is in, as well as a list of all the students in that detention.

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To view or create a seating plan for the detention simply click on the view detention button underneath the details pane on the right.

If the plan has already been created by somebody else, you will be able to see that plan.

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We have several new functionalities within the detention module that will be incorporated into MINTclass in the future, let's just run through some of these.

So, on the right-hand edge of the seating plan now you have 5 icons.  These are shown below. 

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     The plus sign allows you to zoom into the plan 

     The minus sign allows you to zoom out of the seating plan

     When you click on the eye-shaped icon you get to choose what to display on the               seating plan for example if you want to show the icons, images or just names.

     This is simply a  full-screen mode button.

     This is probably the most powerful new piece of functionality that will go into seat             planner. Here you can select just certain groups of students, for example, any SEN             students by placing the tick in the special educational needs box this will grey out all         students who are not SEN allowing teachers to very quickly view and see certain               individual groups of students.

On the right-hand side of the screen, you can see more information about the detention, for example, the date, time, room and the number of students. Underneath that, you can see a list of those students.

In the top right-hand corner of the screen is the Actions button.  When you click on this another number of new options are made available to you.
Let's look at these individually 

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Manage Students
This is where you can drag and drop individual students into a seat within the seating plan. To remove a student from the seating plan right click on the card and select remove. When you do that you will notice the list of students pulls the missing students to the top of the list and tags them with a little red marker.
Take attendance
Clicking on this button will take you into attendance mode and as previously stated, depending on the default attendance selected within the settings area, would determine whether a teacher needs to mark each individual student as absent, present etc. 

 random new

Once attendance has been completed simply click submit attendance in the bottom right-hand corner the screen. 

Note: Attendance to detention does not write back to your school's MIS and is stored solely in MINTclass.

Change template
Another new piece of functionality that will be added to seatplanner in the future is that change template now selects the most appropriate or most used template for the selected room. 

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Other templates will be listed underneath, and they will be marked in red (as they currently are) if they are too small. 

Auto sort 
We've taken the four basic sorts from seat planner and added it to detentions, and they work in the same way.

 random new

Colour tagging 
We've pulled over the colour tagging from MINTclass (this may not be in the final version) and it works in the same way as it does in the current seatplanner.

Random student 
We have updated and transformed the random student picker from seat planner and again as with some of the other new functionality within the detentions module, this will be available in the seatplanner soon. 

random new 

Clicking on random student will highlight the student for you and zoom them slightly so they are easier to see.

Show timer 
We've improved the timer that is currently in seatplanner and again this will also make its way into MINTclass in the future.  You can select the hours, minutes and seconds and decide whether you want a sound at the end of the timer. 

random new 

The difference with this timer is that it keeps counting down and keeps track of the time even if you move away from this page the current timer in seat planner does not.

Remove students 
This enables you to remove all the students from the plan.