Homework Timetable

Introducing the new Homework Module from MINTclass! Click on the Homework tab at the top of the screen.


The sidebar will help you navigate through the Homework module. We will look at these one at a time.




This is your homework timetable. Depending on your school setup, you will either see a fully populated centralised timetable or a blank timetable ready for you to populate. We will look at the centralised timetable first.


Centralised Homework Timetable

A centralised timetable is configured by your school and cannot be changed by individual teachers. The classes displayed are classes that you teach and as such, this screen will update with any timetable changes that occur during the academic year. Any errors on here will need to be discussed with your school MINTclass Homework Administrator in the first instance.


Click on Timetable on the sidebar.


Your Homework Timetable

If your school has not centralised your homework timetable then this is where you can create your own homework timetable, just to remind you when you need to set each classes homework. 


Click on Timetable on the sidebar.



Here you will see all the classes that you teach. To create your homework timetable, simply drag a class from the list on the right and drop it on the day that you plan to set homework. If your school has a multiple week timetable, you can switch between weeks by clicking on the Switch to Week X (X denotes the week that you are not on).



Notice how classes you have added are still on the list on the right, this is so you can set more than one piece of homework per class per homework cycle. However, you cannot add a class to the same day twice.