Release Notes 5.6

Our fantastic new MINTclass development team have been working hard to bring you some more of the enhancement requests.  They are busy working on a number of projects due to be released in the coming months including, Attendance reports, Detentions, Homework and much more.  If you have an idea please let us know by clicking here.

Below are the full release notes for Version 5.6.


An increasing number of schools have contacted us regarding the timetable tab within the student profile.  The main concern was the fact that Friday was being cut off. To correct this, we have added a scroll bar to the student profile.


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Writeback Module

We have again updated a number of reports available within the write-back module. These include viewing teachers comments within student reports and within the student profile.  We have also updated the reasons subsection these reports will now indicate the students that have had a specific conduct reason applied to them.


If you would like more information about the write-back module and what it can do for your school, please email or click here for further information


Teacher comments

We have added the teacher comments to the points tab on the student profile and on all student reports within the Reporting area.

Click on a student name and then select the Points tab, you will now see all the points awarded to that student with the teacher comment.

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If you click on Reporting, then select any student report you will see the information and the comments added by each teacher.


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Within the reasons area, you can now click on a reason, for example, 'mobile phone' to see which students have had a conduct of 'mobile phone' recorded against them within the selected time period.

Click on Reporting then Reasons.


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If you then click on a ‘reason’ for example ‘Mobile Phone’ you will see all the students that make up that cohort.


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You can then click on the student name to see the full student report.


Leader boards

The leaderboard reports and top 5 reports have also been updated. The student name is now clickable so you can view the student data.  Go to Reporting then click Leaderboards (select a year if necessary).


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You can now click on a student name to view the student report.



Teacher Planner

We have updated the way and frequency that data is saved within the Teacher Planner Module.  If you would like to add this module in school, please email for further information.


When you add information to a lesson it will now inform you that it is autosaving and if you navigate away before it has saved it will warn you and ask you to confirm that you wish to leave without saving.


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Bulk Template Deletion

As you know we recently added the bulk make master setting to Cortex.  To complement this we have now added the bulk template deletion option within the manage templates area which allows you to delete multiple room templates at once.  The updated Manage Templates screen will also show you which rooms and lessons a template is used in.  


Log into MINTclass as an admin user and click on Cortex then the Misc tab then click on Manage Templates


You will now see a list of all the templates in your school and the number of lessons and rooms they are being used in.


Select the template you wish to delete by clicking in the tick box just to the left of each template.


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Once you have selected the templates click on the Delete Selected (X) then click on OK


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Important, if a template is being used by anyone it cannot be deleted and you will see the error message above.


Once the templates have been deleted you will see a confirmation on screen.

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If a template is being used, you can see a list of the lessons, groups and rooms that the template is being used in by clicking on the number in the Lessons column or the number in the Rooms column as appropriate.


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You will need to change the template for each class, group or lesson before you can delete them.  Once this has been completed you can delete as previously described.



On report flag

in a recent release, we added the 'on report' flag.  Some schools have contacted us with concerns about this flag being visible within safe mode so we have removed the ‘on report’ flag from safe mode.  The 'on report' flag will only show when safe mode is switched off.



Turning off on report flag

If you do not want to use the ‘On Report’ alert in MINTclass you can now switch this off.  Log in as an admin user and navigate to Cortex - Misc - School Settings.


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Click on the drop-down box under the school logo area and select Hide


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‘On Report’ is now switched off for your school and will no longer be displayed anywhere.



Bulk Change Result Sets

Within aspect mapping, the one area that was both time consuming and clumsy was adjusting or updating result sets. You will be pleased to know that you can now bulk change your result sets in Cortex - Configuration - Aspect Mapping.


There is a new ‘Bulk change result sets’ button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.


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When you click on this you will see the new Bulk Change Result Sets screen.


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Select the current result set from the first drop down box and then select the new result set from the 2nd drop down box and click Save.


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Click on OK


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You will then see the number of result sets that have been updated.  Repeat these steps for each result set


User accounts

As with students, we do not automatically remove users when they have left school however, we have now added functionality that will deny access to any user with employment end date less than today. This will be displayed in MINTclass as ‘account access revoked’


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This is the same setting as if you edited the staff member and changed the access combo box to access denied.


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NOTE: if a member of staff leaves school before their employment end date you will need to manually change the Access status if they do not want staff accessing MINTclass between then and the employment end date in the schools MIS.