Release Notes 5.8
We have done it again!  Another group of enhancements and fixes for you to enjoy.  Remember, if you have any new MINTclass feature requestsplease do let us know by clicking HERE.

We are busy working on a number of new modules and would love your input.  These include:
Reporting - Conduct, Attendance, and much more
MINThome - Parent and student access to MINTclass
Homework - A complete Homework module

Recently released - Detentions - a complete module to create, assign and manage your school's detentions - interested?  Click HERE for more details.

Seatplanner - Fixes
We were alerted to the fact that the 'new note' notification was not working in safe mode - thank you.  It is now fixed.

new bulk temps

We also discovered that the Icon Key would not display after some of the auto sorts.  Again we have resolved this

The final fix now enables staff to change their mobile numbers if they have selected to receive 2FA codes via SMS.  Navigate to the Security tab on your staff card and click on Configure 2FA to change your mobile number.

Seatplanner - Enhancements
Printing blank seating plans
We had a school request the ability to print blank seating plans.  In other words, print the room template.

new bulk temps

If you have a room template associated with your lesson and you have not assigned any students to the plan you can click on the print button at the top of the screen and MINTclass will now allow you to print a blank plan.

Toggle Timetable
We understand that some users/schools would like to see the staff timetables displayed with the Days of the week across the top of the timetable rather than the period.  

new bulk temps

To this end, we have added a Toggle Axis button in the top right-hand corner of your timetable view from within your staff card

Printing Grades
After the success of adding a print button to the Strategies tab, we have now also added one to the Grades tab.

new bulk temps

When you click on a student name and then click on the Grades tab you will see a new Print button in the top right-hand corner - Great for parent meetings!

Writeback Enhancements
For more information on the WriteBack Module please click HERE
When a user records attendance marks in either statutory or lesson attendance you will now see a 'Headcount' which is an overview of the number of students associated with each mark you have made.

new bulk temps

Fixes in Cortex
Medical notes
Also, if a medical note is removed from SIMs it will be removed from MINTclass if you currently have this applied in school.

We have added the EAL (English as an Additional Language) icon to the default set which will now allow schools to set this up rather than requesting it from support.  If you need more information on setting up or editing your own icons please click HERE.

Fixes Markbooks
You can now enter comments up to 255 characters in Markbooks.  The previous limit was 4 characters.

Enhancements - Cortex
Manage Templates
Since we added the Bulk Make Master and Bulk Delete options within the Manage Templates we have come to realise that we needed a quick and simple way to de-select the templates that we couldn't bulk delete.

new bulk temps

If you now attempt to delete a template which is in use you can use the Unselect All or click on individual templates to remove them from the bulk delete.

new bulk temps

You will then be able to continue with your bulk delete!

Medical Notes
We have added the ability for Admin and SENco users to add global and personal Medical Notes in MINTclass as you would for SEN strategies.  if you need help on this click HERE.

Staff Admin
We have updated the filtering on the Staff Admin page which now allows you to use any/all of the filters so you can search for  Users who teach English to Year 10 who have SLT/HOY access for example.  

We also fixed the enter name search so that when you delete a previously searched name it clears the search.  Previously you had to click the CLear Seach button in addition to clearing the search name field.