Release Notes - 5.5
New Features May 2019 Version 5.5
Some more wonderful developments coming from our new dedicated MINTclass development team!  I hope you enjoy using them as much as we did developing them.

If you have any ideas to improve MINTclass please do get in touch. The easiest way is to click HERE
New Features - Teachers
Back to Front option
This option has been around for a number of years, but it would seem very few people were aware of it.  So, we made it easier to use.

B/F allows you to flip a plan so that the front of the classroom is at the top of the screen allowing students a better view of where they will sit when entering the classroom.

 stu attr 2

At the top of the screen between the Print and Safe Mode icons is the B/F icon.  Simply click on this to rotate your plan.

On Report Flag
You asked us to alert you to students that are ‘on report’ so we have added this as a display on the student card.  Any student marked in SIMs as ‘on report’ will now have the banner ‘ON REPORT’ under their picture.

 stu attr 2

NOTE: as MINTclass syncs with your schools MIS overnight any student added as 'on report' during the day will not be visible in MINTclass until the following day. 

Printing reports
We have added yet more reports to the behaviour and achievement reporting.  If you are interested in this module, please contact our sales team or click here for more details

You can now print all conduct reports from within the ‘Reporting’ area of MINTclass.  Select any report and the print button will be visible in the top right-hand corner of the screen.  Click on PRINT to print the report.
stu attr 2

If you wish to save the PDF rather than print it you will need to change the destination to ‘save as PDF’ from the printer list. (this may vary depending on the browser you are using and your school setup).

Additional Student Reports
You can now drill down to see which students are included in the Student Attributes reports area.

Select the Student tab then click on Student Attributes.

stu attr 2

Click on the Attribute that you wish to view, and you will see a list of the students that make up that cohort.  

stu attr 2

The example above shows the SEN students who have received any points this school year.

New Features - Admin Users
Changes to Templates 
For some time, admin users of MINTclass have been asking for a better, quicker, easier way to make Master templates.  Well, here you go!

Bulk assign templates as Masters
Log into MINTclass as an admin user and navigate to Cortex - Misc
Now click on the new Manage Templates button

 stu attr 2

You will now see a list of ALL your schools’ templates.  

Click on the tick box to the left of the template(s) that you wish to Make Master

 stu attr 2

Next, you will need to click on the Convert Selected to Master (X) button.

Note: the number in brackets is the number of templates you have selected to bulk change.

Once complete the screen will confirm how many templates have been made masters.  These will now be ready for you to link to a room - Click HERE .

stu attr 2

In a future release, you will also be able to bulk delete templates and see which lessons templates are being used in.

Gender colour coding on plans
We have had a number of schools request that the gender-defined colour coding is removed from seating plans, so we have.  

Conduct emails
Sometimes it's important that certain members of staff are notified when a particular conduct event is created.  We have added staff email notifications to the Write Back module.

You need the Writeback module to access this.  If you would like further information on the Writeback module please email or click HERE.

Log in as an Admin user and navigate to Cortex Configuration and then click on the new Conduct Notification button.

 stu attr 2

You will now see a list of all your schools conduct events in alphabetical order.

 stu attr 2

Select the conduct event you wish to set email notifications for by clicking on the Edit button.

stu attr 2

If you wish to email staff about certain conduct events, they must have an account in MINTclass.  Start typing the email address of the person you want to notify and then select that user from the list.

 stu attr 2

Continue adding users as needed

Once these have been set up there is nothing more staff need to do.  Teachers will add behaviour and achievement points as before and MINTclass will automatically send emails to the necessary staff.

Below are some examples of the emails the staff will receive. 

 stu attr 2

If multiple students are added to an event at the same time the email will look similar to the one below

 stu attr 2

Bug Fixes 
Pick Random Student
When using the ‘pick random student’ generator in safe mode the student picture was not visible.  We have corrected this.

 stu attr 2

Manage Links
When your school TT is changed MINTclass seemed to display the wrong group(s) of students if you had used Manage Links.  We have now added a script that automatically removes these links when a linked lesson has been changed or been removed from teachers’ timetables.

Selected Lesson
When we improved the selected lesson colouring on the timetable in the sidebar in version 5.4.2 it was reported that linked lessons were not highlighted correctly.  This has now been fixed and all lessons display correctly.

Aspect Mapping (Admin)
A large number of schools reported that aspects with special characters were not available from within the ‘Aspect Mapping’ screen.  We have resolved this by adding all special characters to the acceptance list so this should now be resolved.