Lesson Seventeen - Manage Groups
Admin users were missing the ability to Manage Groups simply and effectively.  An admin user would have to know who created the group and ‘log in as' them to make any changes and if the user had left and been removed from the system then they would need to email our support team. So, we have added a new area in Cortex to allow you to manage all groups.

Log into MINTclass with admin access and navigate to Cortex - Misc - Manage Groups

Here you will see a list of ALL the groups within school. 


Firstly, let’s look at the Actions buttons.  You will see you have two per group, one allows you to edit and the other deletes.


If you click on the Pencil you will be able to Edit the selected Group.  You can rename it, give it a description (remember do not use the word FORM unless it’s a Form or Tutor Group).  You can also share or un-share and determine if all staff can or cannot edit the group.  


Clicking on the Bin will Delete the group. Remember this is a permanent deletion of the group for all.  However, you will be asked if you are sure!


We also added some new functionality which allows admin users the ability to ‘jump’ to any group and change the template, the students and even the plan without having to log in as the original user.

Let’s look at the ‘Student Delegates’ group on the following list.


Click on the group name, in this case, 'Student Delegates' and it will open the selected group in a new tab so you do not need to navigate back and forth between Seatplanner and Cortex.


You can now change the template, add, remove student(s), change seating plan, print, copy etc.  In fact, you can do anything that the teacher who created the group can.

Once you have finished editing the group simply close the tab by clicking on the X on the top of the active tab and then (if necessary) click back on the MINTclass tab!

Printing Seating Plans for Groups
Click on Manage Groups


You will now see a list of all the ad-hoc groups created by staff.

Click in the tick box to the left of the Name column for each plan you would like to print then click on the Print PDF button at the top of the screen.


I will let you know that it is working by changing the Print PDF button to a Generating Zip button and then open the folder with all the PDF’s in


Simply double click on a PDF to view/print etc!

If you wish to do another batch click on Update then repeat the previous steps.