Lesson Four - Viewing and Printing Seating Plans
When you first open MINTclass you will see your seating plan in ‘Safe Mode’. This only displays the student's name and picture.

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Printing Seating Plans

To print a seating plan in safe mode click on the print icon at the top of the screen.
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This will open up the PDF print pop-up.

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If you wish to display student photos on the printout place a tick in the Show Photos box and then click on PDF print.

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More Detail
To see student records in more detail return to MINTclass and click on the ‘Safe Mode’ button which is next to the print button.
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You will now see all the students in the class with up to 6 icons associated with them.

PDF Printing
By clicking on the print button, you open the PDF Print pop up which allows you to choose what to print.
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For example, you may only wish to print all the data associated with the students in text, select Show Data and No icons.

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You may wish to see the data on the icons as displayed on the screen. To do this select Show Data and Show all icons.

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Click on the back button in your browser to return to MINTclass.

Back to Front option
This option has been around for a number of years, but it would seem very few people were aware of it.  So, we made it easier to use.

B/F allows you to flip a plan so that the front of the classroom is at the top of the screen allowing students a better view of where they will sit when entering the classroom.

 stu attr 2

At the top of the screen between the Print and Safe Mode icons is the B/F icon.  Simply click on this to rotate your plan.

On Report Flag
You asked us to alert you to students that are ‘on report’ so we have added this as a display on the student card.  Any student marked in SIMs as ‘on report’ will now have the banner ‘ON REPORT’ under their picture.

 stu attr 2

NOTE: as MINTclass syncs with your schools MIS overnight any student added as 'on report' during the day will not be visible in MINTclass until the following day.  

Additional Basic Functions
You are in your class and want random students to answer questions, for example, in a quiz. On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see the ‘Classroom Tools’ button. When you click on this button it will display a number of additional options for you to choose:

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Click on the ‘Pick Random Student’ button. You will get a pop-up on screen which will randomly generate a student and display them in the pop-up box. If you are in Safe Mode when you pick a random student, you will only see the student name.

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Click on the 'X' to close the window and repeat as necessary. You can also set a timer, for example when you set a test with a time limit. Click on the ‘Classroom Tools’ button and then select ‘Show Timer’.

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Select the time that you want and then click on start. The timer will then countdown to 00:00. These tools are great for a Q&A session and students will see that they are chosen at random by the system if you utilise a whiteboard or projector.

Note: If you are using a whiteboard or projector it is advised that you return to safe mode before you project the information as some of the icons may contain sensitive information.

Although there is a lot of data that is pulled through into MINTclass from your school's MIS, there is often the need for teachers to label a student that is unique to them. For example, marking students that have failed to hand in homework or a student that has contributed well in class, etc.

Applying Colour
You can Colour Tag student cards to show this.  Click on Classroom Tools and select 'Colour Tagging' from the new menu.


This will open a pop-up screen as above. You can rename the colours so that they mean something to you. For example, 'Red' could mean 'No Homework'. Just click on the colour name that you want to change, delete the word and type a new label. Some labels may have been set by your school and cannot be changed.  To change these you will need to contact a MINTclass admin user in school.

Now you can apply the colour to the students that have not handed in their homework. Click on the colour you wish to apply and your mouse cursor will change to a small dot of the chosen colour.


Just click anywhere on a student card for each student that you need to apply this colour to. You can only apply one colour per student but can have up to six colours per class.

Removing Colour
If you have applied a colour in error then select ‘Remove Colour’ from the colour tagging pop up and click on the offending student. 

You can remove the colour from all students by clicking on 'Remove all', you will be asked to confirm this action, click on OK.


At the bottom of the colour tagging pop-up, you will see an ‘options’ button. By clicking on this you will expand the colour tagging menu so you can choose where these colours are displayed.

You can choose from: a specific plan, lesson, class or everywhere. Like most other settings in MINTclass, colour tagging is teacher specific which means only the teacher that applied the colours can see them, except for when you are in 'cover' mode which will be explained in the next lesson. 

To close the colour tagging menu simply click on the 'X' in the top right-hand corner of the pop-up.