Lesson Five - Student Cards
Student Profile
Now we have populated a seating plan, moved students around, looked at the different print options and toggled the safe mode button we need to look at the student cards in more detail.

More Detail
To see pupil records in more detail click on the ‘Safe Mode’ button.

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You will now see all the students in the class with up to 6 icons associated with them. By hovering over an icon you can see what it refers to. Let’s look at one student in detail.

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You can see that Zoe has a level C highlighted in blue. When you hover over it you will see that it is the Target grade for your subject. This information is pulled from your school MIS and the information that is displayed is chosen by your school.
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Additional icons can be found by clicking on the arrow on the right-hand side of the student card as shown above.

By clicking on a student name you can see detailed information on that student.

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Once you click on a student name the first screen you will see will display the student’s timetable for the day as well as notes, subjects and the icons from the main screen. If you hover over an icon you can again see the label.

The notes section allows you to enter notes into the Students Profile. There are three different types of notes:

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School Notes - All staff can view notes here regarding a particular student, however, only Admin and HOY can add, amend or remove notes from within this area.

Your Notes - This is where staff can type their own notes about the student and they can only be viewed by themselves on their account. Notes are typed in the box and then saved using the "update" button. 

General Notes - Notes can be added here by any member of staff to be viewed by all. Each member of staff enters one general note per student profile only and they are listed in chronological order. If a member of staff then types a second note here, their previous note will be overwritten. 

To delete a note in the general notes section, press the "x" in the top right-hand corner of the message. Only the staff that wrote the message are able to delete it.

Note: Anything written in 'Notes' is not written back to your school MIS.

By clicking on one of the subjects from the subjects list on the right-hand side of the screen you will see all the grades that student has and the selected grades will be highlighted. Alternatively, you can click on the Grades tab.

You also print a student's grades by clicking on the Print button within the Grades tab

When you click on the 'Timetable' tab you will see the pupils timetable. This will display a two-week timetable if your school operates in this way.

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If you click on any one of these lessons you will go to the seating plan for that lesson. If you wish to see where that student sits in every lesson click on the Seating Positions tab.  Alternatively, if you wish to the see the seating position for a single lesson hover over the lesson on the Timetable tab and click on the seating position icon as shown below.

tt seats

Seating Positions

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This allows you to check that the student is in the correct position in each class, for example, if a school action plan states that a student should sit at the front of a class this can be checked quickly and simply here.

If you click on any lesson here, you will be taken to the seating plan and be able to see where the student sits in that lesson. They will be highlighted in green (as below), so you can clearly see where they are placed.

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The last tab that is available is dependent upon a student being marked as having a SEN need, this is the Strategies tab.

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This screen will display data which is held in your school MIS for a specific need and can display personalised data specific to that student.

You can now print an individual students Strategy from within MINTclass. 

Click on the student name to open the student profile then click on the Strategies Tab.

 19 sidebar

Next, click on the new PRINT button in the top right-hand corner of the student profile.  This will open the Strategy print screen in a new tab so you can continue to use MINTclass.

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When you are ready just click on the PRINT button in the top right of the strategy print screen.
Click on the 'X' in the top right of the pop-up window to close. If you need to return to your current lesson click on the lesson from your timetable on the left-hand side of the screen.