Bulk Copy Plans
Bulk Copy Group feature that will allow anyone with admin access to MINTclass to take one plan for a lesson and then copy that plan to any other lesson - This is a new update as of 24th March 2021

Bulk Copy Plans

For some time, teachers have been able to copy a plan from one lesson to all other occurrences of that particular lesson (Manage Links) but with COVID-19 a lot of schools have placed students into ‘bubbles’. This means the students stay in one group, in one classroom, all day and teachers travel to that room.

We have amended the Bulk Copy Plan feature so you take one plan for a lesson and then copy that plan to all the lessons regardless of Class Code or Teacher, as long as they are in the same room.


Log into MINTclass as an Admin and navigate to Cortex - Misc

Click on Bulk Seat Plan Copy


You will now see a screen like the one below:



1:Type the Class Code, or from the list, select the plan you wish to ‘copy’

2: Click on the Find Lessons to Copy From button 

You will now be able to see all the lessons for the selected class.

3: Select the lesson you wish to copy from


4. Now select the Year group of the lessons you wish to find


5. Click on the Find Lessons to Copy to button


6. Now simply select the lessons you wish to copy the plan to 

Note:  You can copy the plan to any lesson on any day for any teacher as long as the lesson is in the same room

7. Click on Bulk Copy


8. You will now see a confirmation pop up �" it is important that you realise you are potentially replacing plans teachers have already made before you continue as this is irrevocable.


9. If you are sure you wish to continue click on Yes

The plan originally copied in step 1 has now been pasted into all the selected lessons.