Lesson Seven - Aspect Mapping
When you purchase MINTclass, your school will decide which icons you see on the pupil cards. These icons can display most things from your school's MIS, but usually information such as the student's current and target grades in each subject. If a student has any SEN needs, Pupil Premium, these will show also.

As areas like target and current grades are unique to each school. you will need to map (link from your school's MIS to MINTclass) these so that the correct information shows on the student cards.

A good understanding of your school assessment definitions is required.

Mapping Aspects
In Cortex, click on the Configuration tab and then select Aspect Mapping from the left-hand side.

aspect mapping new 6

Select 'Year 7' from the drop-down to start with from under 'Select Year'.

aspect mapping new 6

Here you will see a list of subjects by year group. The subjects shown are those that are timetabled in your school and are pulled from your school's MIS.

Click on the cell where a 'subject' and 'WAG' meet, you will now see a pop-up window in which you need to choose the correct Aspect.

aspect mapping new 6

Start typing in the name of the Aspect until you see the one that you need, then select it by clicking on it and it will turn green. Click on Save to map that aspect to the current grade for the chosen subject.

Note: only Aspect and result sets that have data entered in them in SIMs will show in the above screen.  If you have created a new aspect and it is yet to have data entered they will NOT appear in MINTclass.

Result Sets
If you use Result Sets in SIMS, you can select the aspect from a result set by clicking on 'Latest Result' in the selected definition.

aspect mapping new 6

Select the result set you need, in this case, summer, then click on Save.

aspect mapping new 6

You will need to do this for each subject for each year 

Now you need to repeat these steps for the target and any other grades that your school has. 

Updating Result Sets (Bulk)

Within aspect mapping, the one area that was both time consuming and clumsy was adjusting or updating result sets. You will be pleased to know that you can now bulk change your result sets in Cortex - Configuration - Aspect Mapping.


There is a new ‘Bulk change result sets’ button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.


user deny 2


When you click on this you will see the new Bulk Change Result Sets screen.


user deny 2


Select the current result set from the first drop down box and then select the new result set from the 2nd drop down box and click Save.


user deny 2


Click on OK


user deny 2




You will then see the number of result sets that have been updated.  Repeat these steps for each result set

Adding New Subjects
If you need to add a new subject, for example, English Literature or split Science into Biology, Chemistry and Physics, scroll to the bottom of the screen and you will see a drop down box containing all your non TT subjects for that year group.  If the subject you need to add is in there simply select it and click on Add Existing Subject.  If it's not in that drop down click in the text box below - Create New Subject and type the name as you wish it to be displayed - ie Englis Lit and then click Add New subject.

You can now map accordingly to the new subject.

This will enable staff to select the new subject ie English Lit for their English Language lesson etc.

Multiple Aspects per Subject
You can map more than one aspect per subject as long as a student has a grade in only one of the aspects per subject. For example, a group of students are doing both A-Level Maths and AS Level Maths in the same class but are only entered for one level per subject. Mapping both aspects to that subject for that year will allow you to see the correct grade for each student.

aspect mapping new 6

Just select all the aspects that apply to that group, note that they turn green once selected, then click on Save.

aspect mapping new 6

Global Icons
Under Select Year, click on 'Global' from the drop down.

These are non-year, non-subject specific. These will be shown on the student card if they apply to a student. 

Most of these icons are default and will pull through automatically from SIMS, so they do not need anything mapping to them. However, any global icons that have aspects in school such as KS2 data, Ability levels etc will need to be mapped in the same way as the year specific ones.

Aspect Mapping updated screen
A number of schools have been raising support tickets that newly mapped data is not pulling through to seating plans on the overnight sync.  This is because we only pull data from the last 7 days to avoid pulling unnecessary data and slowing down your SIMs server.

If you make ANY changes to the aspect mapping area in MINTclass you MUST inform the support team and let them know the oldest date for the data you are trying to sync.  For example, if you have added or changed a Y11 aspect and the data was entered in the September that those students were in year 7 support will need to know that you wish to pull your data back from September 2014.

Any questions please email support@mintclass.com