Lesson Fourteen - Additional Configurations
School Settings
You can add your school name and logo to MINTclass and it will appear on the right hand side of the log in screen.

Log in as an Admin user and navigate to Cortex - Misc - School settings

report flag 2

Click on the pencil icon and enter your school name then click on Choose FIle to select your school logo.  

On Report
You can also remove the 'On Report' flag completely from MINTclass by navigating to Cortex - Misc - School Settings and changing the show 'on report' drop down to Hide.

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School defined Colour Tagging
Many schools asked for the ability to set colour tagging at school level.  We have now added this functionality.  If you do not want to use this function it will not impact on your individual teachers’ current settings.

If you use this new feature it WILL overwrite ALL your individual teachers colour setting for each colour that you set at School Level.  For example, if a teacher is using red for XYZ and you set red to be No HWK at school level then the red colours will stay on plans but the key for EVERY teacher will change to No HWK.  Please advise all staff about the changes before you apply them.

Log in as Admin
Go to Cortex Configuration Colour Tagging Setup

 report flag 2

Click in the Global tick box next to each colour you wish to set at School Level then simply type the name for the colour.

This will automatically save and update ALL colour tagging on ALL plans